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Frequently Asked Question

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Q:     Am I required to use the body shops (aka preferred shops) recommended by my insurance company?

A:     You have the right to choose where to take your vehicle for repairs. It is illegal for an insurance company to attempt to pressure you into using a particular shop. Be aware that insurance companies would like to save money and may recommend a shop that will complete the repair with minimal costs to the insurance company. It is highly recommended that you ask for referrals or search the web for reviews of auto body repair shops in your area before deciding where to take your vehicle for repairs.

Q:     Will the insurance company provide a rental car?

A:     Car rental coverage depends on what is included in your policy. If the other driver is at fault, in most cases, car rental would be covered by their insurance company. Check your policy to verify what is covered.

Q:     How long will my repair take? A:     Average auto body repair times vary depending on a number of factors including the amount of damage, part availability, and the insurance company's claim process. We estimate that vehicles can be repaired anywhere from 2 to 10 days in most cases. Our shop will keep you updated throughout the repair process. Q:     Will the paint match my vehicle? A:     In most cases, your car will have a paint code listed on the vehicle that allows our shop to get an exact match of the paint color used by the manufacture. When necessary, we will "blend" the paint to ensure there are no hard lines. Q:     Will I have to take my vehicle to different repair shops for other repairs (i.e. glass, tire repairs)? A:     Innov8 Paint and Body works with trusted local businesses to complete your repair without having to take your vehicle to various locations. Our professionals are highly trained in a variety of techniques, and we partner with highly rated professionals to ensure your vehicle is repaired right! No need to take your vehicle to multiple places, we got you covered. Q:     Can I wash my vehicle after it was repaired? A:     Professionals at Innov8 Paint and Body ensure quality work before we schedule vehicle pick up/ drop-off. We also ensure your vehicle's paint is properly set and dry, ready for you to continue your usual routines.

Q: What if I cannot pay my deductible?

A: We understand that you may not be able to pay your deductible immediately and we can work with you! Contact a team member to discuss payments or other options so that you can get your vehicle repaired quickly, even if you cannot afford the costs immediately.

Q: What is the auto collision repair process like?

A: The repair process can vary depending on what repairs your vehicle needs. We usually start by providing an estimate which helps us to plan what needs to be repaired and what needs to be replaced. After an estimate we will order the parts and supplies necessary for your vehicle. While awaiting parts, we will begin repairs to repairable parts and schedule sublet repairs if required. We quality check all repairs before refinishing or painting your parts. Once replacement parts are received, we will check to ensure they fit properly and are not damaged. Once the parts are refinished, we will again provide a quality check. The vehicle is reassembled once all parts dry and we provide another quality check to ensure everything looks great!

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