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Being involved in an auto accident is stressful. Be prepared with our accident checklist.

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Be prepared for an accident with this checklist
Car Accident Checklist

Be prepared for an auto accident

In 2018, there were a total of 3,942 auto accidents in Pueblo County. (CDOT). Although we follow traffic rules, remain aware of our surroundings, and limit distractions, accidents happen. When it does, the shock of being in an accident, and the adrenaline our body produces as a result of the experience make it difficult to remain calm and focused. When it is time to work on getting repairs taken care of, many drivers have forgotten to collect important details from the accident. To help our community be better prepared for automobile accidents, we have created a checklist that can be helpful after an accident has occurred. Crashes by County 2000-2017. (2019, December 6). Retrieved January 25, 2020, from

Print this checklist and keep it along with your insurance information.

It can help you gather necessary information in the moments after an accident.

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