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We strive to make the repair process easy for our customers.
We want every customer to understand the process and remain
informed throughout their vehicle's repair. 

1. Vehicle Drop-Off

  • Discuss Process and Expectations

  • Sign Repair Agreement & Customer Authorization

2. Damage Assessment & Repair Planning

  • Vehicle Pre-Scanned and Disassembled

  • Repair Plan & Estimate Written

  • Customer Updated & Repair Scheduled

3. Part Ordering & Delivery

  • Replacement Parts Ordered & Inspected Upon Delivery

  • Quality Check & Customer Updated

4. Vehicle Repair's

  • Panel Repair, PDR, or Sublet Repairs Completed

  • Quality Check & Customer Updated

5. Refinishing

  • Parts/ Panels Prepped, Painted, then Polished

  • Quality Check & Customer Updated

6. Reassembly

  • All parts and panels are re-installed

  • Vehicle is post-scanned to ensure no issues remain

7. Wash & Deliver

  • Vehicle is polished and washed

  • Final Quality Inspection

  • Customer is contacted and vehicle pickup is scheduled

Getting your repair or project started is easy, just give us a call or schedule an appointment online!

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